Into Africa

One of the best ways to help indigenous people help themselves and the environment is to go there. For example, when you visit Campi ya Kanzi, at the foot of magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, you’ll get the trip of a lifetime as well as help the Maasai people of Kenya and their local wildlife.

Located on 400 square miles between Tsavo and Chyulu National Parks in the heart of Maasai country, the camp offers gourmet-quality meals, wildlife tracking with Maasai guides, and scenic flights around Kilimanjaro.

Love Kenyan coffee? Imagine having it brought to you fresh-brewed first thing in the morning… or sipping it by the campfire as the sun sets. This is the cradle of the first humans, and as you dine under the stars, you can’t help but feel the draw of our deep ancestral roots.


And by going there you help create a better life for the next generations of Maasai people. Not only does the camp provide employment, it also supports the Maasai Foundation, which provides a range of health and educational services. For instance, after years of hunting, lions are staging a comeback – good for the ecology, but bad for semi-nomadic herders like the Maasai; foundation supporter Ed Norton has teamed with jeweler Cartier to raise funds to compensate the community for livestock killed by lions, so the tribesmen won’t retaliate against the big cats.

The camp combines charcoal-fired cookery with solar power and hot water heaters – a wonderful marriage of traditional life and modern sensibilities. Not as luxurious as Branson’s African oasis, but a pretty awesome and honest way to experience Africa. While you are checking on your flights, don’t forget to offset your travel!

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